Upcoming events:

DeFi Talk #5: “Growing and harvesting Web3 startups

Monday, 30th of January 2023, 19:00 CEST, featuring

+ Dr Anne Greul, moonblock

+ Sylvie Durach, hopa

+ Ania Pilipenko, metawalls

+ Benjamin Horvath, Blockrocket

+ Jonas Sommer, B2V

+ 1 rep from Be In Crypto (not cofirmed yet)

discussing how Web3/Crypto companies can protect their product vision from VC reports and media jugdement and still meet customer’s demands.

Live at ->Directions<-

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DAO Online Conversation #5: “Green DAOs and ReFi (Regenerative Finance)

Monday, 27th of February 2023, 19:00 CEST

Learn from highly regarded speakers from international Green DAOs and ReFi companies discussing how to reduce the carbon footprint in Web3 by Green Mining, renewable energies, and regenerative finance systems.

Live on . Event link will be published on short notice.

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