Web3 and diversity

  • Founderland is building an inclusive and intersectional standard for entrepreneurs (e.g. women of colour)
  • ifo institut study “Women as founders” shows low share of female founders, especially in high-tech
  • Advance: Swiss initiative for Gender equality in business
  • Black Devs UK, a community for Black software developers in the UK
  • 2hearts Community, a diverse community of people with immigration backgrounds in Europe’s tech industry
  • Diversity VC is driving diversity, equity and inclusion in Venture Capital
  • Talent Diverse, Empowering Women and BIPOC Professionals through connections and access to opportunities
  • Azalea DAO, a biz club for women & non binary in Web 3.0
  • Blu3 DAO – Empowering women to learn, earn, play in Web3 towards financial freedom
  • H.E.R. DAO, a womxn led developer DAO. Championing diversity & inclusion
  • FemmeCapital offers crypto workshops and private classes for Web3-interested women
  • FTW DAO seeks to diversify the VC system by practising diversity in gender, age, and background as a decision-making key value
  • wom3en DAO, a female Web3 community by/for women, non-binary & allying people

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